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Austin Healey MKI Rally Car.jpg
JME Healeys offer a complete preparation service for all race and rally Healeys.
Having achieved a number of successes in the 1990’s driving the ex Pat Moss Healey, SMO 745, and our own works replica, GNX 521C
(the only Austin Healey to win the Classic Marathon), our experience speaks for itself.


J.M.E have also restored a number of the legendary ex-works cars over the years, including URX 727, DRX 258C, BMO 93B and SMO 744.


All levels of competition are catered for from club to full international, offering partial competition preparation to full ‘works type’ spec.

We have completed Healeys for customers over the years who have competed in the Liege Rome Liege, the London to Peking rally, Ypres and the Alpine rally, etc.



Our Services include:


  • Full Race / Rally Build from your road or donor car.

  • Performance and Power Upgrades using our own parts and know-how.

  • Tuning and set up

  • Consultancy - what to buy, where & how to spend your 'race pound'

  • Drivetrain overhaul

  • Suspension set up and revision


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