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URX 727


Pat Moss and Ann Wisdom were the winners of the Leige Rome Leige in 1960 in URX, probably the most famous Healey of all.


1960  Tulip Rally ( 8th overall )

1960  Alpine ( 2nd overall - 1st in class )

1960  German Rally ( 16th overall - 3rd in class)

1960  Liege-Rome-Liege


URX was restored by J.M.E in 1989 to the owner’s specification. It was sold at auction in 2008 and restored back to it’s Leige winning specification by J.M.E for it’s current owner.

SMO 745


1959 Alpine Rally - John Gott  ( 5th overall )

1959 Leige Rome Leige - John Gott  ( Retired )

1959 RAC Rally - D.Morley  ( 4th overall )

1960 Geneva Rally - Pat Moss  ( 7th overall )

1960 Acropolis Rally - Pat Moss  ( Retired )

1960 Alpine Rally - Ronnie Adams  ( Retired )

1960 German Rally - David Seigle-Morris  ( 8th overall )

1960 RAC Rally - Peter Riley  ( 10th overall )


J.M.E restored SMO 745 in 1982 and competed in, and were the overall winners of, the National Historic

Rally Championship with several overall wins and top 5 finishes.

SMO 744


1959 Works team car, competed in -


1959 Alpine Rally - Bill Shepherd  ( Crashed )

1959 Leige Rome Leige - Peter Riley  ( 3rd overall )

1959 RAC rally - J. Williamson  ( Retired )

1960 Circuit of Ireland - Pat Moss  ( Retired )

1960 Acroponis Rally - Peter Riley  ( Crashed )

1960 Leige Rome Leige - David Seigle - Morris  

(5th overall )

1960 German Rally - Don Morley  ( 12th overall )

1960 RAC Rally - Ronnie Adams  ( 39th overall )


SMO 744 was restored by J.M.E back to Alpine specification.

DRX 258C


DRX 258C was built specailly for the Morley brothers in 1965 for long distance events, which included :


1965 Geneva Rally  ( D.Morley - 7th overall )

1965 Alpine Rally  ( D.Morley - 2nd overall )


DRX also competed in the 1965 RAC Rally where it crashed.

DRX has remained mainly in private collections for many years and J.M.E has regularly maintained the car

It was finally fully restored back to full FIA Alpine specification in 2005. It was featured in Octane Magazine

in May 2006 where it was re-united with Don Morley.



This was the 1964 Spa - Sofia - Leige winning car of Rauno Aaltonen and Tony Ambrose.


BMO also competed in the 1964 RAC Rally with the Morley brothers  ( 21st overall ).


BMO later became a Mods - Sports Racer owned by John Gott and was later sold into a well known private collection.


J.M.E completed a total restoration of BMO back to it’s 1964 Leige winning specification for it’s current owner.

UJB 143


UJB 143 is a works Healey 3000 first driven by the illustrious BMC Competitions Department Crews of Peter Riley/Tony Ambrose and Pat Moss/Ann Wisdom.


UJB143 competed in the 1961 Rally of the Midnight Sun in Sweden finishing an impressive 2nd in class. The car continued to perform for the Works at the highest level and scored a class victory on the Tour of Corsica. During the last 25 years the car has been in Australia where it competed in the inaugural Classic Adelaide (1997), in the International Healey Challenge at Bathurst (1998) and in historic events at Mallalu and Collingrove in South Australia.


UJB 143 has recently returned to the UK where it was purchased by it’s present owner.

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